My name is Brad Baines. I am 37 years old and I live in Katy, Texas.

I want to start by saying that I am not an expert on anything concerning the bible or the teachings of Jesus. In fact, as I am writing this I have been a believer for less than a year. Furthermore, a large part of my adult life I have battled drug addiction while trying to play and deal poker for a living.

In light of all that, I hope that you will join me on this journey to grow this blog into a trusted resource that can be utilized by many to build great relationships with God and each other.

I started on my path to becoming a Christ-follower toward the end of 2016 by reading the bible daily with a goal of completing it after many unsuccessful attempts in the past. The following February I achieved this goal just a few days before I was baptized. It was an amazing week!


What is the purpose of this blog?

I would like to learn with other new Christ-followers how to build a great relationship with God. Having that relationship will help us bring those on the fence into the light. We can then help many believers refresh and strengthen their relationships with Jesus.

What are we going to be discussing?

We will be practically applying the teachings of Jesus, written in a book thousands of years old, to our modern and ever-evolving world. I’d say we have a lot to talk about!

Who is this blog intended for?

It doesn’t matter if you are a long time follower, a new believer or are yet to jump on the bandwagon. This blog is here for anyone that can benefit from it. We all have questions, concerns, and ways we can contribute.

ALL feedback is encouraged. If there is a question you would like answered, a topic discussed, don’t agree with something, or have an idea that will benefit our readers please leave a comment or contact me here.


Starting and strengthening a relationship with God is obviously very serious. I think it is also something that should be fun and interactive. Together I want to build a community where everyone can relax and discuss in a productive environment.

What am I Reading?

Engaging and thought-provoking, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus tells a powerful story of the clash between Islam and Christianity in one man’s heart?and of the peace he eventually found in Jesus.

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